Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What do we need to move to the next level?

If we know what we need we can focus our energies. So what is the priority now? We have enough good tournaments. But we do not have good academies. I have argued before that this is not the work of Associations. Their work is grassroots. To build the base. From there the academies need to take over for it is expensive to build International class competitors. And it takes specialised knowledge. Especially in today's chess. Ask the parents of National juniors.

So if we don't have that you cannot force anyone to join you. Get the training skills up and people will pay to get the results you can produce.

When the players/parents see our Vip's giving a top prize to a product of your training, they will come to you. Right now we are giving our prizes to foreigners. And if your answer is to then force the players/parents into your mediocre academy by removing their choice, then that is wrong.

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