Thursday, September 15, 2011

The case of two hats.

It was explained to me that it is hard to act against Peter because he wears two hats. Two hats or more is not an issue. The principle remains that an officer has to make the best decision for the organisation that he is representing at the point of that decision.

Lets look at the structure of KL Open. It first comes under KLCA, a State Association. This is important; if it came under Polgar first it has other implications. So it all comes under a State Association. And all State Associations come directly under MCF.

And so MCF cannot abrogate responsibility from this matter. It can ask KLCA to show the resolution that gives the right of organisation to Polgar. KLCA is not one man. If that is the case then KLCA itself should be investigated. Then it is merely pretending to be an Association and that itself is cause enough to strike KLCA from the register.

Whatever terms that are given to Polgar must also be within KLCA's rights. Since it is merely a State Association who's rights are circumscribed, KLCA cannot confer rights to Polgar that are beyond it's own rights.

So any banning can be rightfully questioned. It doesn't matter how many hats Peter wears. That is still the process.

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