Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The million dollar question.

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Besides the many demented comments from Jimmy's toyols, there was one that said, we just don't care. Actually that is not quite true. Lets look at the clues and see if we can make some decisions today that can make a difference. Let's apply the lessons we have learnt from chess.

What do we know? We know that if a Junior wants to explore new knowledge, he will be attacked. We know that if a Junior wins a spot in the senior squad, he will be attacked until he apologises to ghosts. We know that actually no one is above the attacks. The Fide Secretary is attacked personally and even Fide itself can be openly attacked. We also know that they have zero respect for MCF.

We know that they mainly use invisible people to launch these attacks and their methods is to twist the facts and then play with your mind. So all these things we know. And we know that with strong leadership from MCF these things cannot happen. But MCF seems paralysed.

On the flip side we saw selection coming in against very strong opposition. We saw the people who supported selection attacked and attacked again.

So somebody cares. Or there will be no need for the escalation in the attacks. Something must be happening. The obvious answer had always seemed to be to change the leadership in MCF and so I have heard many discussions along that vein. I don't really agree.

Lets relook again at recent history. There was a strong consensus for selection and it came. Now they are trying to reverse that gain by little small steps. They increase the pressure and they hope the support will wither one by one. They try to turn the issues and create more confusion.

So somebody cares. Or they will not be manning their computers night and day and reading every word that I write. So what is the answer to that million dollar question? I propose that we leave MCF alone. There is nobody better to replace the current administration. At least with this new administration we have seen more progress than we have seen in many many years.

Actually the answer lies with you. Reject the fear, don't allow the mind tricks to work. Don't allow the divide and rule methods they are trying. Once you can do that and we have consensus again, more change will come. That's all we have to do. Learn to protect our own minds and develop our reasoning powers.

Then MCF will change too. It has been demonstrated. And then our strong players will come. Who cares what that players name is so long as he is Malaysian. When he fights on the world arena with courage and dignity we can all be proud of his/her achievement because we have all helped shape the environment where he/she was born. So focus your energies, dont let them continue that silly divide and rule strategy anymore. Just focus on you. That's how this chess game can be won.

Iron sharpen iron. And so we cannot afford to lose any more players. The diamond is developed by slowly increasing the pressure and helping them to handle it. What they have been doing all these years is to knock the new players out one by one before they can become strong.

It's a very simple method. Inject enough fear while they are still vulnerable and you will break them. Then they can never again be strong players for you need confidence and courage to compete. Not fear, hatred or anger, for those emotions only cloud the board.

And all this is done to help a few who want to keep their place way past their due date. Get rid of the fear and you will see it too. Is it clearer now? Can you see the clues?

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