Sunday, September 11, 2011

The new Emperor.

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Of the two types of dictatorship, I would certainly prefer a benign dictatorship to a malevolent one. I would certainly prefer one that conducts tournaments that are open to all Malaysian players unless there are justifiable grounds to ban them.

I would also not think that someone who is selfish enough to try to intimidate a Malaysian contingent or who has no regard whatsoever for the morale of the players; has no respect for parents or other trainers/coaches is fit to be an official in whatever capacity.

However that is not really the point. The point is if MCF is aligned to one party or another there will always be abuses. Only greater or smaller.

I too have had discussions with Greg. And I have informed him of FGM's stance. We believe that MCF can best serve the Malaysian chess public if it remains impartial.

Healthy competition is not only good for players but also good for the Academies. Let the academies compete. Let them scratch their heads to bring more creative and higher value programs for the betterment of chess. And then let them make proposals to an impartial MCF for deliberation.

Let the abuses by certain associations be investigated. Let abuses by certain officials be investigated. Let there be transparency and accountability and many of our alliances will support.

I told Greg, that we are unable to support right now because we do not see enough done in that direction. We want a professional MCF that stands for the interest of Malaysian Chess without fear or favour.

And if we see that, we will step up to the plate. So for now, I would rather see the current set up than see it going totally down the drain if Peter somehow got further involved in Malaysian Chess. That will truly be a disaster we will not be able to recover from.

I fully recognise that the points I have brought up are very tough and difficult issues for an MCF so used to having a Patron, to tackle. But there have been signs of courageous decisions. Selection was one of them. So there is hope yet for a revival of Malaysian chess.

So let's do this properly. Going from the frying pan into the fire is not a solution.

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