Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is it possible to avoid being attacked?

I think the answer to this question is very important. The answer will tell us where we need to place our energy. So lets consider this today.

If you are good and you are close to breaking through the glass ceiling, you will invite attacks from the people who have set that ceiling. Why? A lot of effort has been placed to construct that illusory ceiling. Twisted arguments of rating being the basis of playing strength, you are all washed out after 15yo etc. etc.

You are out to win tournaments, to improve your chess, to training and they are out to inflate their rating by carefully avoiding strong tournaments or meeting strong players to preserve that illusion. Some have not even played in a proper Fide tournament in years and yet they shout from the sidelines that you are weak.

Then they argue that they are more deserving of a place on the squad because they have the bigger number.

If you now stand for selection, how do you think they will react? Aren't you threatening to burst that bubble?

Now lets look at the converse. You give up, you cave in to the attacks. What do you think they will now say? Will the attacks stop? I dont think so. Now they will say, look we were right. Those guys are weak. And then they will ridicule you.

So what can you do? You will be attacked either way if you try to excel, to succeed. You may notice that the average players are not attacked. They are not in the radar. They are no threat. So a possible solution is never to excel.

But is that the way? Is that how Malaysia will come up as a chess nation?

I suggest the best way is just to focus on your chess and face up to those that want to keep you down by beating them on the table. There is no need to go down to the gutter level that they are in and no need to apologise to them for trying to be the best.

Understand this and understand this deeply. They will not stop attacking you. They have given up and they do not want anyone to overtake them. So place your energy well. Train hard. They cannot avoid you forever.

Selection is new to us especially for the senior squad. It is working but it needs a little more time to succeed. At the end of this run we may become a nation where our chess warriors are only around 2200. So be it. Better a genuine 2200 than inflated and manufactured numbers. That is real and that will tell us what we have to do to get ahead again.

Then we will be sending out our best to fight for the Country. And who knows, there may even be giant killers among the new breed. Players who will fight and take down opponents 300 rating points above them. Isnt that what we have seen in so many other chess nations?


  1. Are we saying here that SENIORS of same rating with the JUNIORS are better chess players? Or SENIORS with IM title infront of their name is better than players without title? Are we saying that players with MORE WHITE HAIR is better than players with no white hair?

    Lets assume players above all have same fide rating, must we say the SENIORS are still better?

    What I notice lately that our IMs are struggling to beat Ian Udani, one time outsider and as we see in the recent tournament, Ian got 6 points and our IM got 5 points ( these are the brave one, salute) but we have also IM who chicken shit out of this important tournament and played in some other

    Are we living in the lala land or something? Other countries already producing GMs in their late teen or early twenties. malaysia? We are waiting for IMs seniors to secure thier GM title in the here after.

    Goodluck to all of you chess players.

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