Saturday, September 24, 2011

Implications from GM interview below.

Ref: Here.

He made GM at age 26. I think that's a more realistic number. Given what we know and our own conditions here. Where are we at the moment? We don't have the level of skills in our local trainers to produce high level players. Our juniors will probably end their run as juniors at around 2100 plus in todays world and given current constraints with other factors like education etc.

So unless you have the resources to get that very strong GM to assist your protegy's run from a very young age, to expect a GM by age 15 is unrealistic. So in all probability our GM will start his run sometime after age 20. And he will probably have to do it on his own.

Now do you see why running down our own juniors with that lie that you are all washed up by 15yo is such poison? If we keep injecting that lie into our juniors they will have "failed" for 5 years running by the age of 20. We are setting them up for failure with unrealistic expectations. We are tearing them down instead of building their character, mental strength and discipline.

What we need now is for our juniors to breakthrough that glass ceiling and go forward. And btw, that glass ceiling is much too low anyway going by world standards today. Haven't we got enough evidence to show us that already?

Look at that GM's run again. He worked with other strong players to share knowledge. That should be our route too. As well as increasing internal competition and devising better training. What are we doing instead?

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