Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Congratulations Jimmy.

Ref: Here and here.

Bravo! You are the consummate magician. Able to make demons/ghosts/toyols appear and disappear at will. And in broad daylight too! No wonder you have such contempt for the chess community and the juniors. We can all be broken and tricked at will by your amazing mastery.

So what if we dont have proper training, so what if LZR and Sumant is traumatised by your little games. You have lived up to your reputation as the go to guy. You can make players reappear even if they fail selection.

If only all that energy had gone towards improving your chess you might have beaten Fadzil. But then again maybe not. Afterall we are only here to feed your ego.

It doesn't matter if the rest of us is now wondering what is the point of selection if it's only a charade. The really important thing is that the glass ceiling must not be broken.

So now we won't know what it could have been like if the juniors were given proper support and training. Well done again! We can now all sit back and wait to see the results of your machinations at SEA games.


  1. Sorry, I don't get your point. The link you provided is just Jimmy sharing a link of a tournament update.

    Mok is playing in Yangon at his own expense. Even Goh Weiming is playing there. How does that make Mok "reappear"? Does it mean that if someone fails a selection once, he should disappear forever?

  2. Of course not. I think it is good that Mas, Yee Weng and Mok are really going for it now. Maybe you didnt see the other link. Go and have a look. And then try to see what the purpose of selection is and why it may be better for Malaysian chess.

  3. To see things in context, you need to spot the clues. A little like detective work, a lot like chess. Look up my articles on decision making. I have written quite a bit on it. Good luck.