Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How far off are our Juniors?

Mark beat an FM rated at 2281 and a WIM at 2276 at Datmo. His first scalp of titled players. What does that mean? Our other Juniors have beaten and drawn with even stronger players. Again what does that mean?

Lets use Jimmy as an example. He was 2299 at Datmo and ended it a 2300+ playing at veterans. Does that mean he is stronger? Lets examine more closely. Now I said that when we played at Asian Youth, we found that even the 2100's there were playing stronger games than what we expected based on our experience of playing strength and the relevant ratings at local tournaments.

Therefore my evaluation tells me that Jimmy's rating cannot be used as a yardstick in today's chess anymore. He chooses his tournaments to only increase his ratings. That is not true fighting strength in today's chess.

Are you starting to see why he and his satellite blogs talk so much about rating? So what does all this tell us? Does it mean that the juniors are strong now and can replace the seniors? Actually it doesnt. They are still not consistent enough. But it also tells us that they are near to breaking that glass ceiling. That is if we continue to have selection of course. And they learn how to repeat their winning formula more consistently.

Now do you understand why the Juniors need to be attacked? Why fear needs to be injected into them? Why Jimmy's friends need to say, wait your turn or you will make enemies? That is the only way the current senior squad will stay the senior squad without continuing to improve.

But it will take the Juniors a little more time to become consistent. My belief is that if they can be encouraged to continue to move forward, they will replace the seniors who have checked out sooner rather than later. So the Juniors must not cave in to the psychological attacks. They must not be knocked out of the game by these dirty means.

Another way of looking at this is if those seniors who have checked out were to fight in real tournaments their rating will not be very far off from where our Juniors now are.

ps: In their desperation they have even resorted to using my name to attack others on the shoutboxes. That is how "strong" they really are. They are trying to sow discord and distract from the real issue. Ergo batu api tactics.


  1. I am amazed at the thinking process of the 'seniors' on their make believe that there exist senior junior kind of grouping as well as ranking base on fide rating. Its like saying senior with 2200 fide is better than junior with 2200 fide??. It is as good as telling the public my older brain with 2200 fide is better than your younger brain of same fide. Then why bother using fide rating when doing the ranking. Maybe juniors should play with one point handicap when there are seniors playing in the same tournament to boast the ego of the seniors.

  2. Are we saying here that the 'SENIORS' with older and slower brain of same fide rating with the 'JUNIORS' are better at chess game? I suggest in future tournament, the juniors must give ONE point handicap to the SENIORS to make them feel good. Maybe the juniors should give TWO point handicap to Seniors with the most white hair, ... LOL.

    The IM SENIORS now cant even beat Ian Udani in the tournament and our IMs are scared shit of reality, as we can see Ian got 6 points when our local IM struggling to get even 5 points. LOL

  3. Are we saying that SENIORS with same fide as our JUNIORS are better at chess ?? Or are we saying that players with more white hair is better at chess that players with no white hair of same fide rating??? LOL

    Our seniors are living in their past glory, as we can see in our recent tournament when our IMs struggling to get 5 points ( these are the brave one, salute) and one of our IM senior with most white hair chicken out shit not dare to test his own skill at proper stage. LOL

    Wake up pleeeese all our SENIORS, we are not living in the LALA land.

  4. Dear Anonymous, I have passed this posting but please use a pseudonym next time. Actually the fide rating some of the seniors are not even true as I will cover tomorrow. All the same thank you for the wake up call.