Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the relationship between private organisers and MCF.

Ref: Following from the post just below and this post. Here.

Maybe I should explain the genesis of my concerns about the Melaka event. Towards the end of last year I spoke to Greg about some business friends of mine wanting to do an International chess event for our State, Perak. We are still looking at the financial and logistic viability of this venture. Greg warned me that I was not to be a spoiler. That he has an event planned for Perak!!!

Now this may not seem obviously wrong since we have not been doing things the right way for such a long time but lets look at the implications of this warning. Firstly, let me say that any properly constituted company that was formed to promote chess like FGM, is legally entitled to that pursuit without interference. MCF as the national body is to support such private endeavours and not hinder.

Look at it this way. We are businesses in Perak wanting to do an event to promote our State. Why is a national official telling us that he has his own private designs on events in our own State?

So I wondered if the Melaka event is also mislead in the same way. My view is that so long as the private organiser has the State's support and sponsors, there is no need to bow to Greg's threats. So long as you are legally constituted MCF cannot impede your event. And there is no need to pay any MCF official. Their legal mandate is to support all events that promote chess.

In fact if any payment is made to MCF officials privately this will, I believe, constitute corruption.

I hope this will clear matters up as I have also been contacted by Catur Melaka on my post about the Melaka event. I do wish the Melaka event every success. I wish Najib's company every success. I am just saying that so long as we do things the right way, then MCF officials are to do their job correctly. That's all. In fact I am sure Melaka will wish us the same success when Perak has it's own International event.


  1. kalau raymond rasa gregory lau sudah salah guna kuasa, repot jee sprm. biar sprm siasat laporan tuu. hehehe

  2. FGM prefers to focus on building. But I think we need to be more aware of our rights as players, as organisers etc.