Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remuneration structures- MCF ref: Asian Amateur

I would like to start with the Asian Amateur and to use that as a model to analyse the correct role and renumeration due to MCF.

As we know, MCF is the NGO charged with the development of chess in Malaysia. In this regard MCF is fortunate for the existence of MSSM which do a lot of the grassroots work of bringing chess to the schools.

So what else is MCF supposed to do? Well MCF is entrusted in doing the fide rating for the players in the Country. They have State affiliates and another parallel system of tournaments to enable our players to play in International Fide rated events.

In order to do all these well MCF needs good guidelines and policies and need resources to aid the affiliates in their development. MSSM does the work to school level, MCF is supposed to carry on the work after school as only MCF has the tournaments to enable that. Tournaments like Malaysian Close to continue the process of growing our players.

Well we know that there are almost zero guidelines and policies, very little support for the States, no proper training for our players before International tournaments. In fact written selection only came for the seniors in 2011 and for the juniors the year before.

So yes MCF do need funding for them to do this work. But they need more than just funding. They need a change of leadership. I have shown previously and will continue to show in my next posting that MCF can acquire the funds to do a good job. But some of the officials are just looking at how to "earn" money from big tournaments. And none of the other essential work is done.

Next: Asian Amateur, the model structure.

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