Friday, February 3, 2012

Potential Secretaries.

I think my choice here will be controversial. But I will state it anyway. There may be 3 possible high profile candidates. Greg, Hamid and Najib. Of the 3, I would only consider Greg. Yes, Greg. I still stand firm to my evaluation that he is the best possible Secretary we have for the time being.

If you read the story below closely, you may see that there is still a possibility that he can be a great Secretary who can help make new Malaysian chess history. But only if he has good guidance. Recently he has been making really erratic decisions that can change whatever good he has done. Or worse he may land up on the wrong side of the law.

Now why have I discounted Hamid and Najib? In them I only see a good tournament director and a good arbiter. Simply put, in all my many discussions and talks with the both of them, I have never once heard them ask for change or say that there is anything wrong with what happened to Malaysian chess over the last 30 years. So my belief is that if they ever get the helm, they will bring us right back to "the good old days".

I have not heard one progressive idea or opinion so I think it will be difficult for any visionary President to work with either. They will just put on the brakes or worse go in reverse. They are best placed where they are now.

There are some concerns of the new tag team of Haslinda, Greg and Najib of course but that is another story.

ps: There is one other for the post of Secretary, Eng Seong from Penang. He has great but undeveloped potential too. So let's see.

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  1. tak mungkin stonemaster akan jadi secretary mcf sebab dia nak jadi presiden mcf 2015. kekeke