Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MCF's Sun Tsu President.

In the past the general wisdom was that we needed a President who had vast contacts with sponsors. But that may not be the case today. I hope I have shown you that MCF can generate more than sufficient funds to do all the work that it has been mandated to do. Ref: Here.

In the model I described, the President who has access to sponsors is just a bonus. What do we really need? Here.

What stands out to me is the lack of a clear vision. A clear vision is expressed by proper guidelines and policies(command). Without it the concubines will laugh. Right now MCF is leaking money and they are interfering with private ventures. There are still unresolved issues with what happened to the surplus at Asian Amateur.

If you look carefully you will see that all the funny going ons in the past has their basis in this. That someone is trying to use MCF for private gain. And that is illegal. So you saw the attack on the first training for juniors before International representation, the attack on the Thematics (maybe also because this is too close to the type of training provided in China). So they are acting against development of chess in Malaysia.

If you look back at our last selection for SEA games you will see the inclusion of players that were not in the top 10. So backdoor entry is not over. It was just contained a little with written selection. My belief is that we may see a reversal if we are not careful.

And we also see funny people making National policies and the unfair banning of National players. The concubines are laughing. It is not chess that they love. It's their pockets and in the case of the banning, a way of knocking out better players than they can produce. You saw the attacks on the juniors who attended a training outside of their norm but which has produced outstanding results but were told, "Juniors wait your turn or you will make enemies". And if you dont kowtow, banned.

Don't be fooled. They will continue to drain MCF of its resources if we allow them to continue. Strong players, good organisers, academies who provide real value are our national assets.

So the first thing we need is a clear command. And for that we need a President and Deputy President who knows chess and have a passion for chess. They also need to understand structures and guidelines. A good way is to empower the entire committee. Right now we have a President who do not know what is going on and is unable to control his officials.

But I have also said that the current officials can remain. Why? Without clear command, it is the fault of the general. So we need to change the top first.

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