Thursday, February 2, 2012

Possible Presidents.

We have a lot of problems but there will not be any change in MCF unless there is the correct leadership. It will be up to the delegates at the MCF AGM. So I hope they will choose wisely. A good first step will be to write in to the Honorable Secretary to propose inclusions to the Agenda. This is important or the proper issues will not be discussed.

We need a leader who is not only passionate about chess but also with a strong vision. So for today I would like us to imagine we have this line up in the top leadership. What will this mean for MCF and the future of Malaysian chess? I see 2 possible candidates. Mr Lee from Penang (current vice president) and Zuhri (current deputy president) from KL. Both have strengths and weaknesses which I will discuss a little below.

Note: This is purely my personal opinion and I have had no contact or discussion with the 2 mentioned above on this matter.

I think that without doubt Mr Lee from Penang is the person with the best track record of success. So if we were to vote on doability then he is the man that can lead us. Perhaps a failing is that Mr Lee is not very strong in communication and many find him unapproachable. So that will probably be why he may not garner enough votes if he went for the post.

Zuhri on the other hand is the new kid on the blog. He has had one event, the Asian Amateur which was a spectacular success. But I believe that he may not have the experience to handle the vicious politics of Malaysian chess yet. If you go to the MCF blog, you will see that his name is not even up if you get my drift. Still I see him as a man of courage and moral conviction. When he was appointed I remember him saying to a few of us that if we had any problems, to write to him and he will take action on it. Well I put it to the test. When KLCA came in with their "national policies", I wrote to him. And to his credit he actually called for a meeting. I dont know the actual outcome of the meeting but I think this is the first time in my 8 years in chess where I got an affirmative action from an official after just one email.

Side note: I am still trying to get Mark's 2010 National Junior winners cert. And at the last national junior an official was still talking to me about my unjust sacking from PICA!! Can you imagine that? I dont even remember what year that was now and he said to me that it was an easy problem to solve!!! Really?? Just a heads up on what it's like to deal with MCF currently.

The outcome of the meeting called for is another matter. To get action through the committee, you need the support within the committee. And MCF committee listens to the President.

And so we have 2 possible good candidates for the top post. Both with different strengths and weaknesses. So my suggestion is to use the combined strengths of both. I think Zuhri is winnable if he went for the top post and I am quite certain Mr Lee is doable. Just look at what he has done for Penang. Impressive. If we have that sort of leadership at the national level I am confident Malaysia will regain past glories.

So my suggestion is either Mr Lee or Zuhri for President and the other for the deputy post. Winnablity and doability. Both essential ingredients for success. I do hope the delegates will consider this. We need good strong leadership or we will be here for another 30 years and I dont think I will be blogging then.

So lets take this chance to change for the better. MCF committee, arent you fed up of being critisized by the chess public continuosly? People whispering behind your backs and saying bad things about you. Why not have success and people coming up and slapping your back and saying well done for a great job? Well this can happen. Choose the right leaders.

Can you imagine what it can be like?

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  1. Kalau StoneMaster jadi Presiden MCF, sure struktur baru dalam MCF. semua kena pecat dan masih kekal kroni SM dulu. pas tuu yang lain2. hehehe