Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My reply to Najib's latest post.


I think my reply there has been blocked so lets do the debate here.

The problem with MCF as I have said before is that it has never done things the right way before and so maybe they don't know what the right thing is. Lets see what will happen after this debate.

From Najib's own description it shows that you only get projects directly from the Secretaries of MCF (past and present). Now is that right? What is the actual role of the secretary? I propose that the Secretary of MCF is supposed to execute the guidelines and policies of the full committee of MCF. That is why we have the committee. The secretary is not MCF. This is a major distortion. Think about it. What is the job of a secretary?

Some of us have suggested many times that the projects be tendered out by a fair and impartial tender committee that chooses the best proposal.

Why do you think the committee has never met to discuss such important policies and guidelines so far? In fact why was it only in 2011 that we have had written selection?

There is a reason why NGO's are not allowed to make profits by law. And there is a reason why private organisers are allowed to make profits. Isn't this the same scenario that is causing the hue and cry across Malaysia? People who go into goverment not to govern but to put their hands into project funds. Isn't that corruption? Is that the same reason why people covet the post of Secretary of MCF?

And I don't only mean financial corruption.

In the past was it the best players who represented the Country? Or was it the people who was in favour who got the opportunity? Isn't that corruption again. What do you think that has done to the fighting spirit of our players? Now that we have written selection, how long do you think those players will last? The ones who need the backdoors.

How will the projects be parcelled out if the best tenders win? Will some organisers bite the dust because they cannot write proper proposals that define who earns what? And will not good organisers rise in the wake? Najib, you say you do not want others to steal the benefit of your work. Havent you been doing that yourself?

When I pushed for fair selection I was accused of doing it to benefit my son. I failed to see the logic. Is that the depth of their thinking? How on earth does my son benefit from that??!!!

Now that I am asking for a transparent system of tendering and for MCF to play their proper role as facilitators, Jimmy is accusing me of trying to put people in to benefit me. Does he know Mr Lee and Zuhri to accuse them of this? How does this benefit me directly? And how does this destroy MCF? Are you losing it Jimmy?

Doesn't Mr Lee's or Zuhri's track record speak for themselves. Don't you think they know what a secretary is supposed to do? Aren't their combined knowledge better than someone who don't know anything about chess and cannot control his own secretary?

So who actually benefits from the current system?

Any payment to MCF officials directly constitutes corruption. I have said that MCF should organise their own events. There should be enough money to pay them if they organise national events like NAG, National Junior and National Close since players play and pay for the honour of playing for Malaysia and not for prize money. Combined with endorcement fees from big events by private organisers this should be sufficient. If not there is still National rapid and blitz to consider.

Note: I am sure there will be people willing to do national service for purely MCF events so expenses can be very minimum.

But keep your hands off private ventures. Do not interfere or hinder. Do not try to grab what is not yours.

I suggest that the people who support the current system are people who want the backdoor in. To play for the country without having to compete or to get their hands on projects they didn't work for. (Did you read what Greg said to me when I said I was looking at doing an International project for Perak?)

They want it the easy way. No need to compete. That too is corruption isnt it? Corruption of the fighting spirit. Could this be the real reason why we have slipped so far behind? I have heard a rumour debated on facebook that the National Close has been postponed. Is that true? Why would that be? I am curious.

Isn't chess about competition? Can we really play chess if we are afraid to compete? And what are these people who are so afraid to compete doing in a competitive mind sport?

So what is your relationship with MCF again, Najib? Do you even know the implications of what you are saying? When will you mature Najib? You say you wrote on this in 2003 and you still havent figured it out yet.

ps: And so the illusions work again. In finality lets ask this rather strange question after all I said. Did you really benefit Najib? You seem just as lost now as 2003. Did you benefit Jimmy from this system that you defend so hard? Or have you lost much more than you gained. Who actually benefited? Can you name someone? Funny isn't life works. Is that why you laugh?

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