Thursday, February 16, 2012

So what is the correct structure?

MCF should be the governing body with its own income in the form of National events and endorsement fees. They should focus on policies and guidelines to aid the development of chess.

But is that enough? No it isn't. Private academies and private organisers need to be allowed to develop. Now this is the interesting issue. Najib still says that there is no money in chess. Actually there is but you must know how to get it. I have explained here to Najib that if you want to charge professional fees you must bring in your own sponsors.

That means that you must have the support of business. And businesses will only support other good businesses. Now that is the crux. That means you must have a good track record of successful ventures. So in Najib's case, charging FGM project management fees for a project he did not manage is already a strike against him. He says that he understands the amount of work needed in writing proposals to sponsors and the many many meetings to get a project off the ground and yet he grabbed what is not his. So that is not the way.

If you want to do well in a chess academy, it is about your training methods. If your academy brings up strong players, people will come to you and then you can make money. But again track record.

Look around you. There are many successful chess ventures and many are making money out of it all around the world. Some are even exporting their methods here. So why cant we do it here in Malaysia?

If you look carefully you will understand why the things that are happening have been happening. That is the direct cause of our structure. What do we have know? Think about it. I will try to explain next week and hope to show that this is the logical result of the wrong leader and the wrong structure.

The evidence is all around you. A clue. I have explained to Najib where he has gone wrong and why he is not making money. Now why would I do that? Could it be I feel that healthy competition is good for me. Keeps me sharp. So I share.

ps: I think I will continue my arguments here. I think Najib holds my response and releases it at funny times. Anyway the funny people are there. I prefer to know who I am talking to.

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