Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More on why we need a change in leadership.

Tournaments are good. But tournaments alone is not enough. So let me turn back the clock again. When FGM organised the Asean training 2010 for the juniors, I was informed that a certain official was going around saying that FGM was making MCF look bad.

Lets pause here. I didnt understand the reasoning too at that time. This official even went to the extent of calling up the players parents to go to another tournament instead of Asean. What could possibly be the motive? What is the consequence of this type of thinking.

In my mind I thought we were providing a valuable additional service to the chess community. Heavily subsidised training. I thought we were making MCF look good. Not the opposite. How can we expect our players to do well without adequate training? And how can MCF look bad if our players do well? So we took the first step.

Then we organised the Thematic training tournaments. I am informed that there are similarities to the type of training conducted in China. Note: I only learnt about this during the last National Junior end 2011. And even this was not supported to put it mildly.

Now why would this be? My conclusion now is that someone in MCF does not want to support training unless it is conducted by certain officials and his inner circle. And they make money. Isnt that an abuse of authority?

And they do not want to provide national training because they want to focus on the big money but they do not want anyone else to do the training either.

So not only do they not build but they tear down as well. Is this called leadership? Is that how we are going to progress?

Tournaments by itself is not enough.

So now that FGM has surrendered that ground to them since they want it so much, what are they doing about it? OK, we wont organise any more training for MCF but what are they going to do for training now? What is this official's plan now to develop our players?
Note: There was no training for Asean 2011 and the parents paid a large sum for their air tickets.

If nothing, shouldn't he be replaced? What is he really doing in that position? All decisions seem to be based on what money can be made from their private ventures. Not MCF mind you, only certain individuals and certainly not anybody else outside. And they only want to focus on big tournaments which incidentally only go to showcase how far we are behind the rest of our neighbours when once we were ahead, on par. Does this make any sense at all? Does this make us feel proud?

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