Monday, February 13, 2012

Peter Long no longer heads MCF policy committee.


I see the conditions where you must be a member of State Associations etc is not present in KLCA's latest posts. Maybe Peter no longer heads the policy section. It was good for a while though. At least somebody was putting some thought into it. But I guess we are back to no guidelines and policies again. Is it a step backwards? Lets see.

You still have to write to Peter. Last year Peter said in Jimmy's blog that he never saw the "players" email to request for information. Just for your information, there is no need for the player to write personally. The parent can write, the manager can write, the chess academy can write. So last year he didn't see the emails although I wrote 4 or 5 times. Not only that but I also cc'd Greg, talked to Hamid as well as write to the President of KLCA. But nobody seems to have seen the emails either.

According to some people I spoke to at that time, Peter has also done this to other players. Organisers in this region also wrote to me to tell me about the disgraceful way he conducts himself overseas. So this is not new for Peter.

I suggest we try this for this year's event. When you write to Peter, cc copies to the other members of the MCF committee too. CC also to the bloggers that you know. I will be also doing the same thing at a later date. If he still wants to ban so be it. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. But he needs to at least acknowledge your email and tell you why he has banned you.

MCF has a duty to protect all players in Malaysia. Nobody can simply ban without proper grounds or reason so long as the National body is involved. Last year nobody saw any emails. How convenient. This year make sure as many people as you know sees your email. Then lets see how many times they can say they didnt see anything.

Good luck.

Note: The real reason why they want the players to write personally is so that they can "play" with them and bring them to heel. That is how they try to control and break our players. I have seen it happen too many times. Cheap trick. I think it may be better for them to try and train their own players properly than to try to damage others who are better.

If you have done nothing wrong then you do not need to kowtow. Personally I think even if you have done something wrong there is still no need to kowtow. Just correct the mistake. It's simple really; when you kowtow to bullies you can never be a strong player.

Note: Peter Long is not in the committee of MCF but seems to be making national policy decisions. See MCF committee members here. Actually there even seems to be some confusion over who the deputy President is.

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