Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Questions about the Melaka event.


Before I talk about more about a possible change in leadership in MCF, I would like to do a small academic exercise here. Lets use the upcoming Melaka event.

Some background. The last Malaysian Open in 2011 was a milestone of sorts. What happened as reported to me was that Dato Tan told Hamid and Najib that if they wanted to have the event they will have to write the proposals and do the lobbying themselves. Dato Tan will just do the introductions. This was the beginning of a new learning curve for them. Nothing wrong there. Learn to fish.

The next major event was the Asian Amateur. Now from this event it became very apparent how much money can be made from an International event if you know how.

But if you now combine the learning from the 2 events there is the possibility that certain people in MCF may suddenly see the way to the really big bucks. Now is that good or bad?

Lets look closer. MCF is an NGO. It cannot legally make profits. All profits must be ploughed back to the organisation to fund the development of chess in Malaysia. Therefore all funds must go into an MCF account. And I have argued that the surpluses be accumulated to pay working officials in MCF. Why do I say that?

If this does not happen, then there is the very strong possibility of corruption. MCF officials cannot profit directly from an event. This will lead to conflicts of interest and abuse of authority. Officials may now only want their position in order to secure private deals and profits.

If this happens it will be wrong and probably illegal. So the proper structure for the Melaka event is that it is given to a private enterprise like Datcc for instance. Datcc now gives a endorcement fee to MCF and into MCF accounts. And MCF now pays their officials a salary. That is the transparent manner of doing things.

If not there maybe corruption. But of course this is only an academic exercise to see how an NGO should work. I am sure MCF officials know the law and will never be caught doing anything illegal.

MCF is supposed to develop chess in Malaysia. It is not for the officials to privately profit. If they want to profit from chess they must form private enterprises but then they must either step down from their official post or not be party to decisions with conflicts of interest if they are to remain.

If that happens Malaysian chess can be properly developed with focus on all important aspects. Tournaments are important of course but equally important and maybe more important are developing Malaysians that can stand tall in International events and with a fighting chance to win the top prizes.

In my mind the tournament cannot be deemed a success if the foreign field walks away with all the top prizes and certain "officials" walk away with the rest of the money and MCF gets nothing except only Fide fees which goes directly to Fide.

For success we need MCF to do what MCF is supposed to do ie development,training and organise select National interest tournaments. And private enterprise to do what they are supposed to do ie to bring in extra resources and expertise beyond the ability of Associations. Doesnt that make more sense?

Question. Can you now see why the Asean training in 2010 was such a landmark? The first proper training by a GM for juniors before International representation. And why do you think it was attacked so intensely? Could it be because it was a distraction from making money by certain officials? But not the legal way. Not the proper way. Is more light starting to shine on our problems?

But of course Melaka wont be like that. This is just an academic exercise. It hasnt and it wont happen like that I am sure. There is wisdom within MCF.

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  1. sekiranya ada pihak yang ingin membuat kes tuduhan rasuah di dalam MCF atau ahli gabungannya, sila hubungi en. fadli. memandangkan ayah en. fadli dulu adalah salah seorang pegawai SPRM yang sangat berpengaruh di Malaysia, en. fadli boleh bantu.