Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why we need to talk about it.

I was asked at the debate on facebook why I was so direct on my blog. We are a small community...

So let me list a few reasons here.

Shortly after my unjust sacking from PICA in 2008?, I got to meet Greg. He sounded sympathetic and asked me for the details. So I gathered all the evidence and gave it to him. Many emails then followed and many meetings were called. In Penang and in KL. So you can imagine my surprise when he told me last National Junior 2011 that it can be easily solved. What can he possibly mean?

I went about my own business and did the training for the youths for Asean 2010. I went about my own business and did the Thematics etc.

But guess what? The attacks don't stop.

And so when Zuhri did the Asian Amateur, I quietly watched on the sidelines. History repeating itself?

I have come to the conclusion that these attacks are not personal in nature. Actually it is orchestrated by a few people for their personal benefit. I think most of us more involved in chess know that deep inside.

Now the actions of these people are not for the good of chess. We are all stakeholders and we have all contributed and so we all have a say.

So my question now to the guy who asked me that question is why is it that they can attack without rhyme or reason and that is OK?

How can we learn from past mistakes if we dont talk about it, share our experiences so that we can improve?

At least I don't hide in the dark and stab anyone.

I wonder if we realise that we got selection only because we all joined our voices together. I wonder if you realise that Zuhri is the only official I have spoken to in my 8 years in chess that actually even tried to do something. And his name is not even on the MCF blog. Is he the deputy President or not? So this is what they do. And we need to know so that things can change.

Btw in case you are wondering, I am not close to Zuhri. There is no conspiracy here to take the Presidency. I have stated the qualities I think we need. It is up to the delegates. In fact Zuhri doesnt even approve of this blog and was upset when I published the fact that he asked for a meeting after Peter Long started issuing National policies.

But I think this blog is still needed. Maybe one day when we can talk to an official and get some action, this blog can close down. I look forward to that day. We have tried the whispering in the corners, arguing our case, sending out emails, letters. Phone calls and attending meeting after meeting. None of it works.

I am still trying to get Mark's National Junior 2010 cert. I have asked and asked and asked. Has anyone else still got issues outstanding with MCF?

We need the pressing issues solved or it is just pure self delusion to think that our GM will come. Who is telling you that? Or what about the story that you cannot be GM after 15yo? Oliver Barbosa is in his late 20's and he got his GM title here in KL.

What does our 30 plus year history tell us? Ooops, sorry. We are not allowed to talk about it. Hmmmm. Maybe that is not quite right. We can talk about anything, spread any lies. Anything but the truth.

We need to stop this or there will be many more casualties for the next 30 years. They are bleeding MCF dry while they tell you there is no money in chess and they are only doing it for the love of chess. Look at Melaka and ask what happened to the money at Asian Amateur.

Note: Actually the same con has been perpetuated for so long only because we haven't spoken about it. So each new victim is without the benefit of past experience. Another trick they use is they blot out history, change or distort it.

And in that way, black becomes white and con men become heroes. Illusions.

I go one step further and say your chess cannot be good if you can fall for the illusions. Blue pill or the red one. Which will get us to that GM? Remember Malaysia vs England at the last Olympiad?

In fact your chess cannot be good if you do not have the courage to challenge that illusion. Think about it. What do you need to win when you have sufficient technical? You don't suddenly develop courage on the board when you are easily intimidated. When you do not have the stuff to stand up for a child, for what is right, for your rights, you won't find in on the board. Don't fool yourself. That is really why we don't have a GM. Too much fear.

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