Friday, February 3, 2012

A true story.

I want to talk next about the important post of Secretary of MCF. But before I do I would like to tell you a true story. Some years back a friend of mine asked me a question. He had a company and he put his cousin in as CEO. His cousin was later found to have committed CBT to the tune of millions.

My friend's question to me was this. Why did he do it? "I took him from the masjid where he was sleeping without a home and I gave him a fresh start".

My answer to my friend was that it was not his cousin's fault. The man was not responsible enough to hold down a job, pay his rent and conduct regular life. Then he was plucked from nowhere and given a post of high responsibility with a lot of money and opportunity to steal going past his way. He was tempted beyond his ability to withstand.

I said we must instead improve our judgement about who we put in positions like that. So the burden is more on us to select and guide wisely.

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