Monday, February 27, 2012

More on remuneration and Melaka revisited.

Ref: Here.

I hope that it is now clear that MCF officials must negotiate for the best of MCF. MCF need the funds in order to do the work they are supposed to do. And that is to develop chess in Malaysia.

From Asian Amateur we also see that MCF does not need an event manager. The only way to justify outside expertise is if the expertise is beyond the resources of MCF. But this is very rare and cannot be justified for a tournament. International or not.

In an International tournament MCF has to do extra work by publicising to other Federations and so it can justify charging an endorsement fee.

As we have seen in past practices there are some people hoping to wrongly benefit from the confusion surrounding this issue. The first time I was made aware of this was during the Asean training 2010. This attempt at extortion succeeded and they were paid under protest. This was tried again at Asian Amateur but this time not so successfully because this event was under another MCF official who did it the correct way.

Now any money that should justifiably go to MCF to undertake its work and is diverted away is corruption. So it is important for MCF to investigate the officials in charge of the negotiations. Did they negotiate for the benefit of MCF or was the deal structured to funnel the money away for private gain?

For any money given to a "expert" who is not neccesary is stealing from MCF and stealing from the Malaysian chess public. My concern is that this diversion of funds has also succeeded in Melaka.

Note: This is not disparaging the organisers and sponsors in Melaka. They are new to organising International tournaments. They rely on the advice of MCF. So it's a good event. However whether they got the correct advice or not is my question. It's not too late to correct things now. The event is still a distance away. I hope we get it right. This is important for the future of Malaysian chess. For if we fail to correct this MCF will never have the funds to develop chess in Malaysia. All the money will have been leaked away. So I hope there will be an investigation.

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