Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When is MCF having their AGM? Why all this secrecy? Even political parties tell their own members when their AGM is. MCF is behaving more like a communist cell. So what are you really MCF?

I remember that when they wanted to sack me at PICA, they chose the date for the meeting when they knew that I was in KL for a chess tournament. But why do this? Afterall we are in the same committee and we are all doing it for the love of chess.

So you see, they have perfected the art of sabotage over many years. I can only postulate that they want to spring a surprise AGM. Make sure certain people are not present. Somebody said the AGM was in March. But still no announcement.

This sounds like deep conspiracy. Maybe there are really some huge mega bucks in this. Even political parties announce their AGM early. Why so scared? What do you have to hide? We are all doing it for the love of chess. If you are so scared then how are you going to get us that GM? By running away? By playing hide and seek? Chor Tai Tee? Is that how you compete?

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