Sunday, February 12, 2012

On NAG, National Junior and International events.

It seems to me that NAG, National Junior and maybe even National close now (minimum prize money last year) are cash cows for MCF. There is no prize money for NAG and NJ and players play for the honour of representing Malaysia. So the money should go straight into MCF accounts to fund other needed activities like training and development.

International events like KL Open, Malaysian Open, Melaka Open should pay a premium to MCF and straight into MCF accounts too. Why? So MCF can now have funds to do little things like train our players before they go overseas to face tough players.

Doesnt that make much more sense? Now what is happening? Why is NAG organised by Datcc? Where is all the money going? Do we want another 30 years of our untrained players going out to be thrashed? Another 30 years of MCF training which means the players go and play card games and a few rounds of chess just for show?

Note: More thinking needs to be done about National rapid and National blitz before it is just given away like that.

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  1. mungkin, tidak lama lagi NAG organized by CERRDIK CATUR, hahahah