Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can we investigate KLCA?

I have always wondered about KLCA. Is it really an Association? What is an Association supposed to do? Isn't it supposed to build the grassroots? Provide opportunities to play chess to their local community etc. And for that service, they get to vote at the AGM of MCF as part of the fraternity of Associations.

Actually what does KLCA do? I know they organise an International tournament once a year. But is it only to serve certain business interests? If that is the case is it ok for business to masquerade as an Association? Is there a reason why there is a difference between having NGO's and businesses? If you are a business then why not declare you are a business? Why this way?

Can we speculate that this is also to give them a vote at MCF's AGM. But that vote is for Associations and not for businesses. Maybe the first item for discussion at MCF's AGM is to determine who is allowed to vote. Personally I think only genuine Associations should have a say. So is KLCA an Association?

Note: Right now KLCA is even making national policies. Who are they really? What is really happening here?


  1. bagaimana pula dengan Chess Association Selangor? lagi confirm teruk.persatuan negeri itu wujud tapi dah beberapa tahun tidak aktif buat aktiviti catur. aktiviti mereka setahun boleh dikira dengan jari. selection pemain ke merdeka sudah tidak wujud lagi. main tangkap muat jee. selection untuk national close tahun nii mereka nak buat ke atau tidak? alasan mereka tidak aktif ialah,tidak ada orang nak gerakkan.tapi yang herannya,kebanyakan ajk org kuat CAS adalah juga ajk org kuat MCF sekarang. hehehe

  2. I think CAS is a genuine Association, I even think PICA is a genuine Association. They have served the community in the past and still continue but maybe in a reduced capacity because of internal issues. But I am not sure KLCA can be considered a genuine Association. Have they ever done any work for the community or was it solely formed to manipulate the system and to get a foot into MCF by getting voting rights. That is my concern.