Friday, February 24, 2012

Asian Amateur- The windfall.

What is different about Asian Amateur? Remember I said that MCF already have ready cash to fund it's activities if it organised National events? Then if we add endorcement fees from private organisers of International events, it should have enough to fund its operations.

Now Asian Amateur is a windfall. An event that was given to MCF by the Asian Chess Federation. They secured the prize money. All MCF did was to secure local sponsors. Now this is important.

I have argued that it is the securing of the sponsors that is the difficult work. The rest is operational. The tournament director and the arbiters are merely operational staff.

So what was correct about Asian Amateur? Zuhri who acted as the deputy President of MCF and in his official capacity got the sponsors. That means MCF got the sponsors and MCF became the event manager. The money from the collection then went into an MCF account. And MCF can now disburse to the operational staff.

Do you see what I mean? An official of MCF must negotiate on the behalf of MCF and for MCF's best interest.

An aside: And this is where the dispute with Najib came from. For some strange reason he thought he was the event manager. Now is it conceivable that he had expertise that MCF does not have? MCF gets the players by writing to the other Federations in the region. MCF did the work of coordinating with the Asian Chess Federation as well as liasing and securing the local sponsors? So where does Najib come in? He was the tournament director, one of a few that could have been chosen and paid for his role. That's all.

So MCF got the money. Now what happens to the money is another matter. That will be an MCF internal matter of course, since the money was correctly paid to MCF. But I am curious what actually happened to the money that MCF made from the Asian Amateur? I heard from Zuhri directly after the event that there was a big surplus and that he wanted to use it to fund the National Junior Champion. The answer to that question will I think reveal why we need a change in leadership.

Next I will talk about private organisers remuneration structures and then I will conclude with using these 2 models to ask more questions about what is happening with Melaka among others. By understanding this I hope we will begin to see the extent of the rot in Malaysian chess.

There is no excuse for MCF to say they have no money to fund proper activities. National tournaments, endorcement fees from International events (in part because of the work MCF must do to write to other Federations in order to inform their players etc) plus these windfall tournaments like Asian Amateur and perhaps the Melaka event would have kept MCF fully funded. So what is happening to the money? Additional information. Here.

Question. Is the help from the Asian Chess Federation or from Fide in the form of the Campomanes fund meant for private gain or for the overall development of Chess in Malaysia?

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