Friday, February 10, 2012

Some musings on thinking.

Was talking to Mark last night. I told him some things require a lot of thinking. To consider the many aspects that define the problem. For example, like how do we get a GM? How do we construct a proper system of openings etc?

In chess we also say we need to identify and deal with the turning points in a game. Critical decisions.

But some things are obvious and do not need much thinking. Actually you just need to do. So it was a puzzle to me when an MCF official told me at the last National Junior that the solving of my unjust sacking from PICA was an easy problem. Then why hasn't it been solved after all these years???

To me this demonstrates a type of problem in thinking. Easy problems taking years to "solve". But difficult decisions that require thinking is done in a knee jerk manner.

Upside down. Have you seen this in our chess? Rush the difficult problems and sit down and think and think over a simple problem till the time runs out?

Why do you think that is? Could it be fear? If our chess is to improve, we need to understand why this is so, don't you think?

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