Monday, February 27, 2012

A new President and a story about Sun Tsu.

Just after writing his treatise on "The Art of War", Sun Tsu went to the King and asked to command his army. The King was bemused and decided to make fun of him. So he told Sun Tsu, "If you can command my concubines in the palace, I will allow you to head my army".

Sun Tsu accepted the challenge. So the concubines were assembled and Sun Tsu chose 2 of the King's favorite concubines and appointed them as officials. And he gave his first command. Everyone broke down in laughter. So Sun Tsu said to the King, "If the command is not clear then it is the fault of the general".

So he went over his commands again to the officials until he was sure they understood. And then he gave the command again.

But again the concubines broke out in laughter. So Sun Tsu said to the King, "If the command is clear and the officials do not obey, then it is the fault of the officials."

And so he ordered the beheading of the 2 concubines. The King was in shock but he allowed it. After that Sun Tsu appointed 2 new officials and issued the command a 3rd time. And they all obeyed.

Sun Tsu got to head the Kings army.

I will write on the qualities we need in our President in my next post. Do think on this story. It is quite enlightening.

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