Monday, February 27, 2012

The blue or the red pill? Which will we need to get our GM?

In the techno-apocalyptic hit movie, The Matrix, the hero John Anderson (eventually renamed Neo) was given the choice of two pills by his mentor, Morpheus. There was the blue pill, which would keep Neo within the illusory realm of the computer-generated world of The Matrix.

Or, he could take the red pill and plunge down the rabbit’s hole of the truth (that the world as he knows it is nothing more than a software being run and he’s really stuck in a gel-based bath-tub with two dozens wires plugged into him).

Blue – to stay inside illusion. Red – to have one’s eyes opened to truth.


  1. Hi Raymond,
    Too much movies lately for you.
    :)) No doubt, I like the movie, THE MATRIX. I thought you are also a computer man yourself, Raymond. Is that not right?

  2. Hi Sham,

    No actually I saw this article written somewhere else. I just copied and paste the intro. :)

    No I am not a computer man. I am just a simple businessman.