Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The whammy-Part 2

Part 1 here.

We can see that the world has changed. Information that was once difficult to access is now freely available. The evidence show that our players do not do well after 12. We seem to hit a ceiling of IM and then we get bounced back. The next step we are trying for is that GM.

Begin with the end in sight.

So what do we need to change? What is holding us back?

Lets say talent is by and large fixed and information is now freely available. This suggests that if our kids can get access and learn from the internet they will have the necessary technical tools. So if we change our methods from spoon feeding to enabling, we will be able to more fully use that resource. And this should start as soon as possible. From the moment they enter the system, they are given more and more tools to help themselves.

Say by 12, they now have chess base and all the other tools. What is the challenge then? How do they become world class and reach that GM status and more?

Now we come to the crux. Todays world is about change. Chess is about change. You set a problem and the other party set you one. At some point one will give way and the other win. As the level rises the problems set become more and more complex. The pressure gets higher and higher.

What are the variables that are in your control? I say it is ending internal resistance to change, ending the chatter in the mind, stilling the mind and learning how to learn and how to learn fast. Learning to join the dots.

That is the difference in todays world. The internet has levelled the information divide. It is now speed of processing, speed of change. Take a serious look around you. To stay at current level we need to change as fast as our competitors, to catch up we have to change faster.

For that to happen we need trainers till about 12, and then we need coaches to accompany the players to the tournaments. We need to understand where they are breaking down, what is happening in their minds and see if it needs a technical fix or otherwise. The otherwise being the bigger component.

If we can do that, we will have a competitive fighting system that will bring us to that GM. That is the harsh reality. Painful to see but see we must if really we want out of this rut.

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