Monday, October 18, 2010

Force field-technical community

I have seperated the technical community from the rest because they deserve special mention. They have made tremendous personal sacrifce and are a very powerful instrument for change if they know how to use their true power.

Allow me to ask a question here. It is rhetorical so you do not really have to answer. In fact I prefer if you just think on it.

You guys know that you cannot play at a high level if there is insufficient preparation. That it is bad for you not to have team mates that you can rely on and no reserves etc.

One well prepared team and we will all have cause for celebration. One goal achieved and we can break the jinx and yet you continue to support the self sabotage. And continue the damage to yourself.

As a non technical person, I ask you. Is it impossible to prepare a team now for the next olympiad? For the next Asean? Maybe you need some degree of flexibility in case someone drop out for reasons unforeseen. Or some new Star blossom in the interim. But by and large, we are working with known variables.

Yes, I know you say that the decision is not yours. It belongs to MCF. But think again. Does it really? Is the argument that MCF puts undue pressure on the players if they do not have sufficient preparation reasonable? Do you think you may have some support from the rest of the chess community if you put forward this argument?

I think I can speak from the perspective of the sponsors, from the corporates. I have sat on that side of the table. If the sponsors can see a real plan, a serious attempt, the money is not all that difficult to find. When I sat down with my potential sponsors at DKLS, they did not even want the publicity. They just wanted to know that their money would not be wasted. They just wanted to quietly do their part. There are many different types of sponsors driven by different motivation.

So it is possible to get the money. We may have lost one sponsor because of the inaptitude of one official in Perak but the war is not lost. In fact DKLS said that if it was not possible to sponsor in Perak because of the road blocks they were willing to consider National at that time. But because they are a public listed company they have to steer clear of controversy. That was why I brought my case to MCF. I told them that we have possible access to 2 million if we can have a hearing to clear my name. And I am still waiting for that answer. But I moved on. I did not wait for MCF to do their work on that. I started the Asean initiative. And when that only partially worked, I started writing more on this blog. I am also still looking for the right partners to get the Academy going. Dont give up so easily.

Why do you support something that is so obviously bad for you? And then only complain later. Can MCF play for the Country? Only you can. You just need to see the bigger picture. Do something or else stop whinning. Stop burying your head in the sand. You are contributing to your own defeat. Learn to help yourself before others can help you.

Do you know that if you can speak with one voice, you can set conditions to MCF? Reasonable ones of course.


  1. Why not start a "private" non-profit chess association? Singapore has its Friends of Chess. Get the right people and you can even have your own association to show MCF how it should be done.

  2. See my evaluation on MCF tomorrow. I have not given up hope on them yet. But there are caveats. Anyway that is not my calling.

  3. Dear Raymond,

    I am a potential sponsor of chess in Perak. Can I hear something nice about PICA; as a matter of perspective, you may be a liability to Perak chess if I can't hear the good part of PICA.

    Olive branches abound
    sway its leaves to rebound
    if Raymond can't applaud a round
    then Perak is out of bounds

    Hope you do not give me reasons to walk away from Perak/Lee (and make that a potential big sponsor for chess)

  4. Dear Siew Fai, you will hear the truth about PICA from me. Interesting the way you phrase things. But anyway you will read about it tomorrow as well. In life, like chess, one always have to make our own evaluations. You could cross reference with Colin Madhavan before forming your own conclusions.