Monday, July 12, 2010

Ego vs result based decisions 3

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In chess, the board represents the partnership and the opponent is the opponent. The board in real life is actually made up of many people, the pieces. The pieces need to coordinate, cooperate so the final objective can be reached. The pieces need to understand each other and the situation they are in deeply in order to achieve this.

And so as I have previously written, we need to know who our partners are.

But ego based decisions are about winning and winning at all costs. But notice that the victories are always phyrric in nature. Observe that ego does not want to understand the issues. The tools of ego is obsfuscation, distortion, manipulation and lies. They will attack rather than understand the issues. The base of ego is the lack of confidence, the protection from admitting failure.

So the ego cannot let go. It will not allow you to observe where the problem is. People ruled by ego will do almost anything to prevent feeling discomfort, pain. It will always deny personal responsiblity and blame the other for the problem/s.

And so in finality, there cannot be a solution when ego enters the picture. For a solution, you need to partner. Each identifying where the problem is and agree on that. And all applying to solve the identified problem. But to do that you have to visit the discomfort, embrace it even. Tough.

Note: From here can you see where the weakness of our players are?

The really funny thing about it is that from their ego they throw away the very thing they are really looking for. A connection, an end to the emptiness; the feeling of achievement and the confidence they are looking for. From results, which can only come from partnership, will the bonds be cemented and the confidence gained.

From ego they will sacrifice the team/the partnership so they can say... "see, I am right".

Note also: Ego prevents learning. The ego prevents you from seeing where the problem really lies and so you are now condemned to making the same mistakes over and over again and expecting a different result.

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