Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unpoison the pawn

This underlying sense of guilt is an all pervasive thing. It contributes to the negative culture in Malaysian chess. And the victims are our players.

That is why we cannot even agree on what the problem is. Over time the culture has become one that agrees in the open and sabotage at the back. We all say the same thing. We love chess. We are doing this for the love of chess. But our actions belie what we really think.

MCF nods their head and say yes. In their minds they are thinking. We need to control this guy. If he succeeds then we look bad. Guilt. No results. No confidence.

The parents will agree with MCF when it favours their kids and have tea tarik sessions on how to overthrow MCF when their kids are overlooked.

In this scenario there can be no solution. Solution can only come when each party own up to their part in the problem. And each party is properly recognised and compensated for their contribution.

Then we are all on the same page. Then the wheel touches the tarmac. And we have traction to move in the right direction.

But first we have to agree. Do we have a problem? And what that problem is. And then we have to deal with it.

This is the same methodology for developing strong chess players. Do think on this.


  1. "The parents will agree with MCF when it favours their kids and have tea tarik sessions on how to overthrow MCF when their kids are overlooked."

    Maybe u should said the parents who agree in earlier years because it favours their kids and the same people will revolt at the later stage when their kids are overlooked.

    This is a real sickness among experienced parents. The best part is they will influence new parents who know very little on their history and are likely to make others agree with them since they r the experienced parents. This is another cause of the sickness.

  2. I hope we will stop pointing fingers. We just need at admit what is wrong and take action to right it.

    Once that is done, we need to forgive and forget the past. But we first have to admit the wrong.

  3. It's always easy to say this and that. When comes to reality, it is just simply ignorance to admit the wrong doing.

    Get more feedback, u can c how people justify their action, thinking, understanding on subject matter. Just like u put it, everyone try to point finger on others only.

    It takes a very long education process to change the sick culture. Before we can c any significant change, there r people (newcomers together with some stubborn experienced people) will undo the good things. I'm not here to pour cold water on effort from people like u. But my observation has lead me to believe we r always staying in the same looping cycle.

  4. Go back and read what I said about Li Tian. Change is always possible. Start with yourself. Forget about the others. See the cup half full.

  5. I'm just stating observation facts which does not imply I'm not doing nothing / being negativism.

  6. Oops the statement should read "... I'm doing ...."

  7. Keep changing. You may find that your perspective may change. From half empty to half full. With the "facts" remaining the same. Good luck.