Sunday, July 4, 2010

Step 1 to mental strength

Nobody is born mentally strong.

Willfulness, stubborness are not the traits although they may appear to be initially. Why? Because it has no direction. And because it cannot be directed, it is dangerous. It can shoot anyone, anywhere and act without purpose, without rhyme or reason.

True mental strength can only come from, start from deep reasoning. And to do that you must first be free in your mind.

This is a hard blog to read. Why? Because there are issues raised here that are not only technical, issues of character are raised. And these have strong emotional content.

In my article about "What is a Champion", I used the word internalise. Another good word is resonance. When all the qualities of a Champion are imbued, there is a resonance.

The Champion needs to evaluate without fear, trust his judgement and make clear decisions. Move by move, game by game.

Let us observe the thinking process, let us slow everything down and look at our thoughts very much like how we slow down the notes when we practise the piano.

This is reflected by how we read. If you find that there are gaps in comprehension because certain lines you cant read, jump over, it shows something you are not facing. That you are avoiding. And that place is normally where the truth is found.

In the game of chess, you must consider many things apart from the technical aspects. Self evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, judgement of opponents etc. This cannot be done without facing your fears, cannot be done by editing out the parts you dont like.

Selective reading. Now stop and consider. It's only words afterall. But this affects the clarity of your understanding. Your evaluation and judgement is affected.

Look at it this way. Nobody can see into your mind. Only you know what you think. And there is one basic principle you want to understand here. Whatever you do, dont fool yourself. Remember that. There is no one to impress, just you knowing that you have the freedom to think. That is step 1 to mental strength.

And you can start right now. Go back to the parts on this blog that your mind rejected. Look hard at it, without flinching. Engage your mind.

If you really want to learn more. Read this.

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