Saturday, July 24, 2010


Our perspective comes from what we see and what we see comes from how we feel unless trained otherwise.

Do you know that our strongest memories are attached to our emotions? An emotional state will trigger select associated memories. That is why when you are depressed, angry etc. your memories are locked. It is hard to see the bright side, if not impossible, at the time. To see the bright side you need to deal with the emotional issues first.

Do you know that when you are scared, fearful, your mind can only go into narrow focus? You cannot maintain the big picture. Try to observe that in your own mind.

Have you seen it in chess? The blunders associated with the emotional state. The blind sidedness.

So the answers are before us but we cannot see. We cannot see because of our perspective, our emotional state. We cannot see the possibilities because we see the cup half empty.

Look at my own story again here.

I was not short of technical experience then. But I couldnt see the possibilities, the way out, till I saw the cup half full.

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