Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The test of mental strength

After the first day of the Asean training, I went back with Mark. I asked him to give me an evaluation of the day's event. I was aware that some of the other juniors were unhappy with the first day. I wanted to see if he could give me an objective evaluation. See what was going right, and what needed improvement. Use his own judgement.

He repeated what the other juniors were gripping about. He lost his objectivity. Peer pressure. So my conclusion? More work needs to be done to improve mental strength.

When they are strong, they learn to carry their own weather, trust their own judgement, evaluate fairly and independently. Not repeat what others are saying unthinkingly. Not even accept what I am saying unthinkingly. Not be susceptible to Jedi mind tricks. Remember he is playing the game not you.

That is the work. When they have that confidence, they can play chess. If that confidence is lost then all the technical knowledge will not help them. Under intense pressure, they forget the plan, they cannot access the knowledge. The mind shuts down.

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