Friday, July 2, 2010

The current biggest stakeholder


Make no mistake about that. Their contribution, in my mind, far outstrips any that even Dato has contributed. Why do I say that? Well, there is no public accounting.

My estimation from my own small personal contributions compared to many others, realising that there is money to be made in chess by certain parties (from my Asean experience) and from the answer to my point blank question to Ignatius at Subic Bay....

They do make money but they tell you that they dont. Part of the fault is because our chess community believes that no one should make money from chess. And that could be the reason why some otherwise honest people have to resort to all these smoke screens to hide that fact. So the blame is partly that faulty assumption. I believe we should let them make money. It is crazy not to. Let them make it honestly. By giving value. Halal money. Not this hide in the dark kind of money where even quotations are suspect.

So if we add up all the contributions from parents, look at the 10 million that is said to have been spent by Dato, factor in that he may have profited from that investment, then I think the numbers will show that parents made the most contribution. And they asked for nothing more than for MCF to lead and produce results. And so since MCF is the beneficiary of the current biggest stakeholder, shouldnt they have a say? And maybe, just maybe, a bigger say than Dato? And not just lip service.

Who started that rumour anyway? How did it get so entrenched in chess that people are hypnotised not to see the fact that it needs money to do well in chess? I am really, really curious where it all started.

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