Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perspective 2

Perspective is actually a function of reasoning, thinking. Weeding out irrelevancies, considering all that need to be considered. And it is not always apparent.

Then a perspective is formed, a position. A lot of thinking.

Now you need to hold, to hold that position, that judgement, unless new evidence presents itself.

In the meantime the push and pull comes from the emotions. Fear, imagined or real, euphoria. Emotions can derail the best thinking.

Have you experienced this playing chess? When fear, anger, shuts down your thinking; when your strategy is derailed because you cannot hold, cannot remember; when your courage fails you.

Consider this. Is our problem technical or one of mental strength? In what proportion? Can brave players be nurtured in an environment of fear? If they accept an environment of fear, have they not lost already? Can brave players be lead by weak leaders with no vision?

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