Monday, July 5, 2010

Divide and Rule the parents

When we were in Subic Bay, I heard that a parent had been calling parents not to go to Asean. Now, I can understand if a parent decides not to go because of all the confusion. But to actively pick up a phone and sabotage is displaying venom. How did it get this way?

At that time, I still thought the solution was for MCF to show proper leadership and put down clear guidelines.

Before I go on I would like to address this issue. Before Subic Bay I got a note from an American trainer in Taiwan with 30/40 years experience. He told me that the most learning comes from the interaction of the players. Upon reflection, I realised this was true. The GM is only there to show the roadmap.

There is a principle that you cannot be taught anything, you can only learn. If you join the dots, you'll realise that good relationships between the players is the best way for them to improve. The GM is only there to make sure they dont go off course. Now in this system, parents save a lot of money. Do think on it.

Back to the topic. I hear rumours that Greg is pushing for Li Tian to go to World Youth, and the Asman daughters to go to Guagzhou despite not being qualified according to the guidelines or something like that. I am still waiting for the facts.

But this much is true. The parents are not happy with each other. So they are now divided. And so easy to solve, proper guidelines by MCF. But instead of putting the blame squarely on Greg's shoulders. They turn on each other.

Makes me think. Is that what Greg wants? By creating this drama he turns the parents against each other. Create a negative atmosphere of suspicion. Then if the confusion is great enough, no one will realise that he is the cause of all the problem. Remember our own experience in Asean? Where the attack was on Adzlin's family?

If this is true. Then parents, dont let him succeed. It's a Jedi mind trick. If you fight, your kids will be affected. The learning will be affected. If you cannot see where the fault lies, they will learn to turn on each other. So do not let them divide and rule you. Make them accountable. Do it for your kids. Re-read this.

Show them you know how to partner in their best interest. There is a very sick culture in MCF. Dont let this virus spread anymore.

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