Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday morning musings

Looking back on this blog, do you see something? Do you see where most of the comments come from? When there is a chance to tear someone down, there is a flock. Where a finger is pointed to where the problem really is, silence. When a suggestion is asked for, the most substantive contribution comes from a Singaporean.

Now consider this. If we realise that it takes the efforts of many to produce the First GM and to do that we need to partner. And partnering must come from trust; Partners must carry their own load.

And we are working with people who wants to tear down at first opportunity, not give suggestions when they have the knowledge to help the team succeed. Where will this get us? I'm assuming of course that this blog has some reflection on our mindset.


  1. When no comment, it may represents ur readers agree completely on the view.

  2. Giving comments do not neccessary represent "tear down at first opportunity". Pl do not treat every comment negatively.

    As u r still learning, there r perspective that u r not seeing or been brush aside under ur logic.

    U write great articles on educating people this and that. Do u realise u at times tend to brush off other people ideas / comments / statements that not in line w ur logical thinking / concepts.

    Pl reflect those things that u wrote on urself and try to c from other people persective. More importantly, u should not come up with another logic or theory to justify why other people are wrong.

    Another observation, u hv a tendency to evaluate a person based on his great comments. When u first start up this blog, Jimmy gave some great comments, u show much respect however lately Jimmy's comments were rather short. Now, John's turn to give great comments. U seems to favour him now.

    I MAY BE nobody to u or chess community, but Jimmy is somebody in Malaysian chess. Pl show some respect in seeing his point.

  3. I think you mistake a discourse with disrespect. I do not disrespect Jimmy. I acknowledge his contributions to chess. But I also see his contributions were in the past. To me what is important is now. I normally roll my eyes when people talk about the past. We have a problem now. We are looking for a solution now. And it is better to offer solutions than to just critisize. It's not productive. I have yet to see one suggestion for improvement from Jimmy.

    And by the way, we are all somebody. Dont put yourself down. All contributions to improvement is something.

    Also I do not evaluate a person. I evaluate the actions and statements. Actually I am quite fond of some of the people who's actions I critisize. Sometimes even good people can do bad things. I then just point it out. But it doesnt mean i dislike them.

    I also do not claim to know everything. I have my opinions and I share them. If I am not convinced I also say that.

    And btw the tearing down is not meant for Jimmy, its a general statement. I hope that clarifies. And if I appear to brush off statements, I apologise. I try to stay open to as many ideas as possible.

  4. I do not neccesarily agree with everything that John says. I have merely acknowledged his offer of solution.

  5. Thanks for the clarification.