Friday, July 2, 2010

Parents 2

Part 1.

A bigger say. Yes, but there is a caveat. Let me qualify. What I mean is that their proper expectations of MCF should be met... MCF, should regulate, set well thought out policies, partner with people who can give them results, value. In other words, get their act together. Not only jump when Dato calls.

They are beholden to all. They belong to the chess players, parents, sponsors and every other stakeholder. Not the other way around.

But let me qualify again, they also cannot cater to every whim and fancy of parents, players, trainers etc.

Why?.. because they have to carry the bigger picture. Although I have been in chess 6 years, I only started to see the bigger issues, when I first joined PICA. Dealing with sponsors, and all the many other parties is not easy, even when you have a select team. Much more difficult when all have different ideas. The needs of Academies to thrive so they can afford the services of experts, relationship with State Affiliates, other bodies like MOE etc. are all very very difficult to balance.

So I can emphatise. It is difficult. And that is why I do not begrudge them a proper pay. But only and only if they are doing the work.

Honestly as a parent, player, even trainer, you have no clue. Your perspective is too small. But you have a right all the same. You have a right to an MCF that is doing its best to get results. Chicken and the egg? We have no money and so we do the monkey business. And because of the monkey business nobody feels you should be paid.

Well, someone has to start. So unless Dato Tan suddenly decides that he will pay a decent wage to all properly working officials for say 2 years to prove yourself, I suggest that MCF, you get your act together first. Hard, when MCF demands so much of your time and the bills keep coming regularly. But people are not blind. They can see good work. Ignore the unreasonable people. They dont really matter. Get your act together and you will receive goodwill. You have blown many chances, many opportunities to get it right. Dont let failure be your legacy.

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