Friday, July 30, 2010

Why do we bother?

More malign in the Malaysian chess world. Read here.

So why do we bother? Lets remind ourselves. Read here.

I re-discovered chess around the time I was beginning to wonder if our education system is going to provide my son with the type of education that will help him thrive in a globalised world.

Lets me try to list some of the things I've discovered from chess:

1. I found a way to discuss otherwise dry subjects like logic; deductive, inductive, inferential.

2. The role of imagination, big picture thinking as well as operational thinking.

3. Other thinking skills, perspective etc.

4. The role of emotions in thinking.

5. Basic psychology.

6. I was able to use chess analogies in debating, aikido (martial arts), business and believe it or not even music.

7. Planning, the building and testing of hypothesis.

And the list goes on. And to a 17 year old boy!

I believe that if these subjects can be succesfully taught we will develop powerful global players who can think under pressure. So chess is not just chess. It's a powerful tool, a gift.

Along the way, I am sure a GM will come as I believe the GM comes from this path. Not from the limited vista from which we are looking at the subject now.

Isn't this gift worth liberating from narrow mindedness?

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