Monday, July 5, 2010

The mystery and the grandeur of chess

Chess is a game of amazing mystery. It is truly a tremendous tool to promote creativity. Consider this. Just 64 squares, and so many people arguing about the possibilities that lie in a position.

As we grow, we see more and more from the same position. Finally, we start to see the position as a GM. And even then Kasparov sees more.

Einstein; he only had the facts presented by Newtonian scientists. And he saw more. He saw so much more from the same set of facts, it is argued that today there are only 6 people in the world who can understand his theories.

Malaysian chess; we only have a few people in the way of opening up these mysteries to our children. To allow their minds to expand. And so many people sit down and say, we have run out of ideas. It's all been tried before.

Note: The thinking methodology is the same. Kaparov, Einstein... We now have a situation in Malaysian chess, a position. What are the possibilities?

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