Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vision, the larger perspective.

Let me recount a construction story here. And lets see what lessons can be learned from it. I once had a contract to undertake the interior of a Japanese company. Chairmans office, executive suites, lounge etc including furnishings. Design and build. Now the entire contract was project managed by a structural engineer who did the main building.

Can you imagine Interior Design working with a guy who saw that lighting should be in a straight line, preferably fluorescent? Who tried to test the structural integrity of the fancy designer tables we built by trying to break them.

Get the point? He saw one aspect, a technical aspect but he didnt see the whole. Interior Design would work much better with an Architect and preferably one who specialises in Interiors.

To establish a Vision for chess, we need somebody to see the larger perspective. Someone who can join the dots.

Note: And the one with the larger Vision should be one at the top.

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