Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ego based vs result based decision making

You are probably wondering if I am going down the MCF bashing route. A popular sport in Malaysian chess. Actually I am not. Towards the end of my report I hope to demonstrate that there are a complex set of reasons why MCF does not function well and the problem does not lie solely at their feet.

But to see where the problem is we need to deeply understand what the issues are. So my approach must not come from vindictiveness or narrow mindedness. When I was sponsored to write my work on the inner child, read here, I more fully realised that our ego functions to defend our imagined fears. And so I try hard not to come from ego when I am trying to understand something.

Ego and pride of achivement are two very distinct animals. Pride of achievement come from results and ego is the defence against admitting failure.

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