Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The story of the poisoned pawn

Every story has to start somewhere. This one starts with a chess enthusiast who volunteered his time and started an Association. And the parents came to support and brought their kids along to play the game. And all was well.

Sometime later, one parent went to the official and said, "my son/daughter didn't make the grade to take part in that competition. Can you help out in some way?"

Now this official was straight and honest. He did all he did for the love of chess so he said no. But beside him was another official and he didnt quite have the status of the first official. He heard this and realised that the first official could not see all that was going on. So one day he pulled that parent aside and said, "I can help. I can do you a favour."

And the favour was done.

Now 2 things happened that day. The undeserving child got a curse from his parent. The child got something he/she did not deserve, did not work for and so didnt appreciate.

And the monster official was born. He discovered a new power. A power not given by his post. A power given to him from the well meaning but misguided parent. A power born of fear.

And so the poisoned pawn was taken. Does the story end well? All got what they wanted.

The story goes on. The official realised that if he gives the favour without asking something in return and he could not ask for money then he doesnt get that sense of power. And it is that sense that he craves for. So he now offers the favour to others. He makes the first parent wait. He wants the first parent to see that he has power. And so the power game begins. Over time the relationship changes. The financier, the parent now become helpless. They fund the enterprise but have no more say.

And the child? The child sees many things. The child sees the parent sucking up to these little people. The child sees that there is another way to do things besides working hard for it.

And the child senses the parent's fear.

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