Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A culture of mistrust and negativity

We cannot give birth to strong creative minds from a culture of defeat, from a culture of fear. Some on this blog says this is the law of the jungle and just the way things are.

Let me relate again from my own experience. Read here.

Sometime in mid 2006, I made a very difficult decision. Things were touch and go then. The decision I made was not entertain the clients that I had that were problem cases. The ones that took up a lot of energy and gave us little in return.

I reasoned that the positive ones had the better chance of growing their business and if I placed my energy there I will be able to grow with them. And if I got rid of the drama cases I will have more energy to invest in the positive clients.

With that one decision, I turned the company around.

Note: Positive culture produces results. Negative culture enter into dramas to hide no results.

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