Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My poison pawn "theory"

Before I start, let me remind us that the goal is a vibrant chess community bringing forth champions. And this is best served if we can work together. There is a proper role for each of us. And the roles need to be understood and appreciated.

But first we need to understand where our problems are coming from.

Part of the symptom of not recognising somebody's achievement comes from the power play described in the post below. The officials know that the power they hold comes from the fear of parents and players. It has no legitimacy and can only be perpetuated by the continuation of fear. And this is best sustained by an arbitrary show of power.

Can you recognise this "fact" from the terrible difficulty of setting proper criteria for selection? Once proper criteria is set, the officials have no more power to grant favours, set aside rules.

And this problem is created by parents/players who want special favours. That started the problem. Over time they found that they have lost control. The officials now have a taste of this power. It doesnt matter if you are a big shot outside now. In the chess world they rule; they hold power over your children and so they can use this over you. But parents/players started this. Not the other way around. The officials didnt have this power until parents/players gave it to them.

The other part of the problem is that the officials hard work is not recognised or properly compensated. So they cannot see the hard work of the parents, the players. You dont give me recognition, I dont give you recognition.

The psychology is that all want to be right. The officials need to justify to themselves why they are abusing their authority, and the parents need to blame someone for a problem caused by them in the first place.

And so the drama begins and continues. And its been going on for a very very long time. Only different actors. But same theme and no resolution.

And so the players, the children suffer. Every one is pointing fingers. Every one is right and every one is wrong.

Do you think I'm getting the picture? Is this what you see too? So how to get GM? All the energy is spent pointing fingers, avoiding blame, responsibilty and not on a proper development program.

Energy spent on big lavish ceremonies to show how important they are and to hide the fact that there is no result to feel proud of.

Does this explain all the dinners, tea tarik sessions on how to "fix" MCF and all the back door manueverings by MCF to fix parents/players and more recently First GM?

If this is the real problem and we can all agree that it is, we will be one step closer to a solution. Can we admit to this?

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