Sunday, December 30, 2012

National Junior- A FGM evaluation and commentary-Conclusion.

I said that if we are to evaluate accurately what actually happened at this National Junior we will begin to understand the deep malaise afflicting Malaysian chess. Ref: Here. And to do that we must also look at the actors behind the scenes.

So why would Jimmy omit the fact that his player had also played Mark and that Mark is playing almost totally new openings at NJ? (Jimmy didn't know that I was informed about his player during NJ. This information was supposed to be protected under the OSA) This is also not taking into consideration that the last classical tournament that Mark played in, was exactly a year ago at NJ 2011.

So why didn't Jimmy evaluate his own player as well and why can't Peter give a genuine and sincere congratulations to Yit San and Li Ting without his toxic barbs?

To see this misdirection and subterfuge to hide what is really going on lets go back to the results of NJ. Here. I am not going to mention the names of their players (who are innocent) but those who know the players concerned will see this clearly. Where are their players on the rankings?

Was the whole evaluation by Jimmy done so that we cannot see that?

Now wouldn't you think that with the way they deride others and taut their own prowess that their players should be at the very top? With their extra 30 years of knowledge each and the extra one year lead time I have given them, to show us something spectacular at NJ 2012. So why are they paid to give this type of results? What is the value of their "M"?

So there is something seriously wrong. Let us turn to the results of Penang Open now. Here. If Jimmy had played there and not pulled out, where do you think he would be in the rankings? If Peter had played? Why didn't they field Li Tian at NJ? Would the weaker field there have produced a different result? If more players are content with a draw.

That is why they need distorted evaluations and toxic congratulations. They have nothing more.

Is this a harsh evaluation? Yes, it is. But why do I need to be harsh? Let me try to explain. If it is just their own opinion and just blowing their own horns, it is harmless. The table will eventually show the truth given enough time. But these people do not do that. They attack anyone who is trying to make a difference or searching for answers to improve. You saw them attacking Zhuo Ren and Sumant. You saw them trying to ban Mark. And you saw them attacking the training provided to our Juniors by GM Ziaur. Now this has crossed a boundary. But even that is not so serious. That is really still just their opinion.

What is more serious? It becomes very serious when they have collusion and support within MCF to do this. (It's like both the gangsters and the police ganging up against the players). 

What is Jimmy today? He cannot play and he cannot train strong players. His only relevance is that he is able to facilitate the back doors. What about Peter? He has some trick openings which will probably work till around U12 in the International circuit but will bomb at the U16 level. That is my opinion after studying what his players have learnt from him. And Jimmy has a good understanding of end games. So they are not totally useless but they are not what they say they are either. They are not complete and they do not have what it takes to win in today's chess and they will not try to improve. But I will not use them for the simple reason that they are toxic and will infect our players with their fears.

The fact is that the Junior players that are making it today are those trained by themselves or their parents, trained in China or trained by some good trainers in Penang. I even had a parent thank me for recommending Jax Tham for her child has improved under him. But no players by them.

Talking about parents, they best resemble a Coach. Non playing or playing at a lower level perhaps. But they have this is common. They care for and nurture their players. And so they delve deeply into how to develop strong players. A parent cares for his/her child. A coach merely extends this to care for the development of all the players under their care.

I think we can clearly see the results that are produced by coaches/parents and the results that are produced by trainers like Jimmy and Peter. So why use them if you want to succeed? What do you think is their driving motive?

We must also investigate why MCF abandon our players after U16. Why don't they support the development of the U20 Juniors after so much work and investment has been put into them. When they are just about to be able to challenge the seniors if given another year or two of development. Does this indicate collusion to sabotage our real players and replace them with kup chai's? Otherwise why support these deadbeats? Should't they know by now that Jimmy just can't play anymore? Why did they send him to the Olympiads via the back door and over much stronger players than him?

Do you think that the reason why the buletin for NC2012 did not come out this year is because they need to hide the results of the President's choice? Can Jimmy accomplish this on his own?

How can MCF justify those decisions that looks very much like deliberate sabotage? How do you justify the selection for the representation of the Country by players who do not even dare to compete anymore?

Why indeed was such a powerful MCF resource as GM Ziaur Rahman given to a "trainer" of U8's like Najib? At best he is a fairly professional arbiter. The answers to these questions must be searched for and the solution found if we are to progress.

There is nothing wrong with our players even if they don't become GM's by 15 as they keep trying to fool us. There is something very wrong with them. 

I think this must be very strong evidence that points to the fact that our Juniors are actively sabotaged and only because a few of us are asking hard questions today and demanding for answers that their attacks seem to be receding. Otherwise why the desperate need to hide? Perhaps it is only because AGM is coming. You think? They want the mandate to do the same thing for another 30 years?

So think on this if you really want to see our own GM. Most of our players cannot withstand the kind of attacks that they launch from within. Some of our players and parents still think that these guys are on the same team. And that is the danger. They are not. They do not care who they destroy to keep their perks and their free holidays. The more destruction they wreak the more benefits they receive from their supporters in MCF.

Isn't it much much more obvious now? Or do you still need more evidence? Forget the personalities. This is also not about them. They are merely examples. Support the issues. Support clean and open selection. Support the stopping of illegal bannings. Support transparent and proper governance of MCF. These few people have sabotaged enough of our players and Malaysian chess for far far too long now. It's time for a change. It's time to send out Malaysian players that can stand tall and fight for their place in an International arena. It's time we become proud of our fighters and not the back door artists.

Let this be our resolution for 2013. After all, we have all survived the mayan "end of the world". So this will be a breeze to do.

And this blog is dedicated to that end. Our first GM, without fear or favour.

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