Thursday, December 6, 2012

Instructive games for Juniors.

Look at the games here. These are instructive games for the juniors that want to improve or to take on the seniors. It's all about learning and keeping your self belief. Don't let them take your fighting spirit away from you.

Forget about reading how Carlsen has beaten Kasparov on Jimmy's blog. It's just a pipe dream. It may be interesting but you won't learn much. Their level is too high. This is the analogy. You don't try to step into the ring with Mike Tyson until you have moved up the levels.

We have seen that Peter have no answers against the U16 at the World Youth in today's world. Jimmy is also around the same level. This means that they are between U12 and U16 technically in today's level. So really they both should be studying the games above too.

But they want to look smart but talk and act stupid. Let them. Let them think they are Ferrari's when they are just kup chai's about to become bicycles. And don't follow their foolish ways unless you want to end up like them. Scared to compete and rely instead on irrelevant fat numbers and/or museum M's before their names. Lost in time but then still want to talk more rubbish.

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