Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The real reasons why Malaysia cannot get her own GM.

All of us know we have amazing talent in Malaysia. And we have all seen the large amount of investments poured into our Juniors by the parents. And yet we have no results worth mentioning about after 15yo. Now why is this?

Let us look at the conditions that will help us to get that GM. There is one more ingredient that is needed isn't there? We need tough internal competition to bring the GM out of our players after all that training. And this is where we fail.

Let us look back again on the dramas played out in front of our eyes. After U15/U16, we abandon the players. MCF does not organise any more overseas tournaments for the older Juniors. Why is this? Aren't the U18/U20 the closest that we have for the next level? Do you remember all the other juniors tauted as the next GM till they got older? Then even if they come in as number 2 in the selection, they are not given a place on the Olympiad squad. The place is given to another younger junior who is much weaker as proven in the selection. Is there a reason for this? Do only promoting the younger juniors benefit the trainers who cannot train beyond U15 anyway? Maybe after that age they need a coach.

An aside: There are other strong players above that age band that are also sidelined. Actually we need conditions that will encourage all of them to stay in the fray. Iron sharpen iron. But that's another story.

And then we see the attacks on the training program for the Juniors by a GM coming from Jimmy. MCF stays silent. And then we saw the "banning" of a National Junior without grounds. MCF stays silent. Then we  saw the attacks on another Junior after he won his place on the senior squad and MCF still remains silent.

Why indeed did MCF remain silent on this? Didn't I show that the Juniors are capable of taking on the seniors with the right coaching?

But what did MCF do instead? After I have shown that the seniors can be beaten. They removed the selection. Why, why indeed?

Isn't it getting obvious that there are people who don't want the older Juniors to succeed? They don't mind supporting you till you are about 15yo. Then they have no more ideas. And then they try to kill you off. But until that age they are very happy taking your money.

So we know that the weak seniors are involved in this racket. Them and that weak trainer. It's all been played out on public display. But recently we were given a peek into the other forces at play. MCF suddenly comes into the fray. Why only now after so many rules have been broken in plain sight? Why only react when I asked the question "Is MCF a terrorist organisation?" By that very reaction aren't they showing that they have similar traits? Don't terrorist organisations work in the dark too?

Think about this. Isn't everyone dispensible to them? They even tried to fix their own Treasurer. So what makes you think that they care about your investments? What makes you think that they care about the talented kids that we have? What makes you think they care about chess at all?

What do you think those few people in MCF responsible for this mess, together with their mentally weak players and mentally weak trainer really care about? I will leave that question for you to finish the picture.

So if we want our own GM, MCF must change. How much more evidence will you need to convince you of that? I hope it won't be another 30 years and we still don't have a GM before you can see this reality.

They have simply, systematically wiped out all competition to the senior squad by fixing the selection together with the use of unconstitutional bannings or the threat of it etc. All for what reason? Have you worked it out yet?

What we need MCF to do is to force those weak players to compete or else leave the team. Not open back doors. What we need is for MCF to force that weak minded trainer to improve and not to ban the strong players produced by others. What we do NOT need is for MCF to be used to silence genuine concerns coming from the chess community.

Change that and the GM will come. Trust me on that.

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